2022 Key Dates & Info

2022 RDUgolf Tour key dates and information is in progress!!

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Key Dates:

How To Join:

The RDUgolf Tour does not require any Membership or League Fee, and is open to any amateur golf of any skill level to register and play in events

Pay attention to the dates for event registration, and register via BlueGolf for the events you want to play.
The 3 main requirements:

Changes for 2022:

  • Updated handicap weighting:
    • Based on 2021 event analytics
  • Event Registration:
    • Multiple registration windows instead of 2
    • Major events will require having played in at least 1 other event
  • Gross Scoring:
    • Increased prizes for Gross winners
    • Tracking a Gross Season-Long Points Leaderboard
  • New Formats:
    • 2-day, remote event (1 event)
    • Blind-Pairing Best Ball (1 event)
    • Match Play (1 event, invitational)
    • Ryder Cup (1 event, invitational)
  • Hole-in-1 Prize fund:
    • Golfers pay into a prize fund, if they make an ACE, they take the jackpot!

2-Day Event:

The RDUgolf Tour is going on vacation for our first 2-day event!

May 14-15th, we are heading to Williamsburg, Virginia to play 2 AMAZING and stunning courses!

Click here for more information on the Williamsburg 2-day event

2022 Championship:

The Duke University Golf Club will play host to the top-36 golfers of the 2022 season

Click here for full 2022 Championship event information

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