The final installment of 2022!

Key Topics:

2022 Final Recap

Triangle Ryder Cup Recap

Podcast Interview (Leave the Pin)


2023 Tour Update

2022 Final Recap

Championship Recap

To cap off our season, Duke University Golf Club played an AMAZING host for our 2022 Tour Championship.
Net Winner: JR Premo (+2, 74)
Gross Winner: JACOB VAN LEEUWEN (+5, 77)

2022 Champions

Tour Champion (Net): CORTLAND LARNED (2,156 points)
Tour Champion (Gross): JOHN GAGLIANO (4,723 points)

2022 Season Stats / Awards

Spirit of the RDUgolf Tour award recipient:
Mike Lee

Rookie of the Year recipients:
Cortland Larned
Joe Steger

Triangle Ryder Cup Recap

In Mid-November, 32 golfers, across 2 teams, took to Chapel Ridge in our first Triangle Ryder Cup!

Team Barbour

After some letdowns in the Scramble / Best Ball format, Team Fowler mounted a come back which took the match to the final putt, but fell short by a margin of 11 to 9 to Team Barbour.


With this victory, Captain Luke Barbour will defend his title at the next instalment of the Triangle Ryder Cup in 2023! 

Congratulations to:
L. Barbour, B. Esposito, C. Andrews, C. Sterner, D. Jaqua, E. Sevim, G. White, J. Graves, J. Citty, J. Premo, K. Hayward, M. Herring, R. Shafer, S. Cruickshank, W. Holloway, Z. Lieberman



Tour Director, Craig Walton, sat down with the Leave The Pin podcast to share the story of RDUgolf Tour and what it is like to run a rapidly growing amateur golf league / community.


Give it a listen to hear how all of this actually happens!


December 10-11th, 6 of us represented the Triangle in the NextGen / PGA Team Golf National Championship at the Sea Island resort in St. Simons, GA.

Teams of 3 pairs from across the country competed over 2 days in Best Ball or Scramble format.

In a dominant fashion, the RDUgolf Tour were crowned NATIONAL CHAMPIONS and took home first place by 9 strokes, with a team score of -17!

Jacob Van Leeuwen and John Gagliano claimed the Low Pair on the weekend while posting a -14.
The pair of Sean Webb and Craig Walton added -3 and the pair of Mike Lee and Luke Van Leeuwen kept at even par to anchor the team!

We look forward to defending our title at the 2023 Championship on our home turf:
Setp 5-6th
Mid Pines & Pine Needles

The 6 members of this National Championship team will be inducted into the RDUgolf Tour Hall of Fame:
J. Gagliano, J. Van Leeuwen, M. Lee, L. Van Leeuwen, C. Walton, S. Webb

2023 Tour Update

After 2.5 years of hosting events and providing experiences to golfers, the RDUgolf Tour will be taking a brief break

The Why:

While golfers can imagine the in-season efforts to host quality events, the vast majority of the work occurs in the off-season between October and December.
At this time, I do not have the personal time to facilitate the level of effort needed to provide a scheduling which is fitting for this community.


The Timeline:

Timelines are TBD.
This could be a few weeks, months, or the full season, but the intention is to return, and return stronger


What this means:

For right now, this break will be used to focus on personal life, playing obligation-free golf, and determining the best format to return. The community, Instagram, and Facebook group will continue to provide local golf updates and help golfers find pairings

At this time, we still plan to host a few of our high-enjoyment events:

Match Play Invitational & Triangle Ryder Cup.


What’s next:

Stay tuned to the newsletter and social media accounts for any sort of updates, changes, ad-hoc outings, and returns.


Final Note from Craig:

After hosting 405 different golfers across 39 events, meeting AMAZING people, seeing golf and personal milestones achieved, igniting dozens of friendships, and introducing numerous golfers to new experiences, I could not be more proud of what has been accomplished or happier to have had each of you in my life!

After building this, I look forward to finally being able to take advantage of the community and golf with a lot of you.
Feel free to hit me up and we can get a round in!


“I anticipate with pleasing expectation that retreat, in which I promised myself to realize, the sweet enjoyment of partaking, in the midst of my fellow citizens golfers”

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