The RDUgolf Tour


Since 2020

What We Are //

We are a golf community focused on central North Carolina and specifically the Triangle.

Founded by Craig Walton in 2020 as relocators flocked to NC and golfers were searching for new partners to play 18, there was a need for a community and an outlet for our game. There were a few key missions the RDUgolf Tour began with:
– Introduce golfers to new courses in Central NC
– Help golfers find new playing partners
– Provide golfers with new experiences
– Support and appreciate the local golf industry

2020 started with a few ad-hoc outings sourced from a local subreddit.
Then 2021 introduced the official RDUgolf Tour; a full 12 event season across central NC to allow the weekend warriors to try their hand at competitive golf and meet other players in an accepting environment.
2022 continued grew exponentially while hosting 18 events, 245 different golfers and inspiring leagues in multiple cities.

With continued growing demand, 2023 has spawned the creation of 3 parts of the RDUgolf Tour, which continues to grow our community and assure that this is a home for every golfer in the Triangle


The RDUgolf Tour, the OG community.
Led by Craig Walton, Luke Barbour, and any golfer that would like to volunteer to host an event

Focused toward the Triangle golf community.
Ad-hoc events, community-based experiences, and  charitable outings where golfers of every style and level are welcomed and can thrive!

All events will be open to a wide variety of golfers and may include a number of different formats

Led by Craig Walton

Focused on a more heavily competitive environment

Hosting a small series of weekend events in which golfers with a handicap up to 15 will compete in stroke-play tournaments at private and noteworthy courses across central, NC.

All events will be open to the public where requirements are met.
And there will be a select number of memberships sold granting early access to event registration

Led by Joe Steger, Jeff Bartley, and Mike Todd

Focused toward the Weekday golfers of the Triangle

This series will feature a competitive event at a different venue in around the Triangle each month.
Targeting Wednesdays or Thursdays, the Weekday Series will provide an outlet to those where weekend play isn’t always possible

These events will be mostly Stroke Play and open to golfers of every skill level

Board of Directors


Founder / President //  

Craig Walton //

Founding the RDUgolf Tour in 2020, Craig has grown this community and will remain at the helm.

With a passion for bringing golfers together and support the local community and golf industry, Craig looks forward to continuing to build a home for all golfers

Responsibilities will include, but not limited to:
– Overseeing all RDUgolf Tour operations
– Directing the RDUgolf Tour – Select Series
– Provide guidance on all organizational plans moving forward

Vice President //

Luke Barbour //

An outspoken member of the RDUgolf Tour community, Luke was been a constant sounding board for community ideas throughout 2022.

With a deep love for every aspect of the game of golf, a true understanding of community, and a passion for growing the game, Luke is well positioned to continue driving the organization forward

Responsibilities will include, but not limited to:
– Providing input on organizational matters
– Supporting and guiding ad-hoc events, 
– Assure that the organization continues to steer in the intended directions

Director of Player Experience //

John Gagliano //

After relocating from Maine, John became a staple of this community since day-one and has been there to provide support, guidance and encouragement.

John has an incredibly rich background in competitive golf including passing the PAT (Player Ability Test), College golf, and a Best Ball National Champion, but more importantly, he has grown to love the golf community in central NC and is eager to help continue the growth in whatever ways he can

Responsibilities will include, but not limited to:
– Providing input on organizational matters
– Providing guidance on all rules matters (in-round rules decisions, structural Tour rules, etc).
– Providing guidance on way to improve and enrich a golfers experience in/around events

Weekday Series Director //

Joe Steger //

A recent transplant to the Triangle, Joe caught the golf bug like so many of us. Enthrawlled with the game and his progression, he grew a deep love for the community.

While seeing the joy that the Tour brought to so many, Joe spearheaded the idea of a Weekday series to bring the same excitement and experiences to the golfers that frequent courses during the week!

Joe will be supported by Jeff Bartley and Mike Todd

Responsibilities will include, but not limited to:
– Providing input on organizational matters
– Directing the Weekday Series of events
– Continuing the organizational standards for weekday golfers
– Providing design guidance to the organization

We Can’t Wait to Meet You!

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