Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics


The golfers, participants, and spectators of the RDUgolf Tour are extensions of the Tour and thus, are held to a high standard of actions and character. 
The guidelines of Conduct and Ethics outlines below and accepted by each participant at the time of registering for an event.

Any event-specific guidelines put forth by the course/hosting venue and/or RDUgolf Tour will be communicated the week of the event.

Code of Conduct

Every golfer on/off the course is a representative of the RDUgolf Tour LLC and an ambassador to the game of golf.

Every golfer is expected and required to conduct themselves in a manner that presents RDUgolf Tour LLC and the other participants in a positive light and upholding the integrity of the league and the game of golf.

Participants are expected and required to follow all rules and guidelines set forth by the RDUgolf Tour LLC and the hosting event venues.
Further, participants of events are expected to treat the courses, course staff, and other golfers with respect


Code of Ethics

Each participating golfer is expected and required to conduct themselves as ethically as possible on/off the course.

While the events will not having roaming Rules Officials, it is expected that each golfer is to play every shot within the confines of the rules set forth by the RDUgolf Tour LLC for each event, to the best of their ability and knowledge.

Intentionally or knowingly providing inaccurate scores and accounts of events is a direct violation of the Code of Ethics

Disciplinary Actions

By registering for an event, golfers have agreed to both the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

If the Code of Conduct and / or Code of Ethics are violated, the RDUgolf Tour will review accounts of the action and provide supplemental discipline when appropriate

The Tour Director will personally review all accounts of the violation and provide only direct facts possible disciplinary actions to the selected Players Panel, comprised of league members at varying levels.

The Players Panel will assess the facts and independently provide their feedback and the disciplinary action they deem most suitable.

The Tour Director will make the final decision on disciplinary action and inform the impacted golfer(s)


Suspensions and Expulsions due to disciplinary actions from violations of the Code of Conduct and / or Code of Ethics may be up to, and including, suspension or expulsion from the league.

  • 50% refunds will be provided for any future events a golfer is registered after they have been suspended or removed from the league due to disciplinary actions
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