COVID Protocols

General Statement

All people that participate and attend RDUgolf Tour events do so at their own risk and accept any / all personal liability

All national, local, and golf course guidance related to COVID-19 MUST be followed by all participants and attendees.
This will include:

  • Guidance from the CDC:
  • Social distancing
  • Appropriate masks in the clubhouse and when social distancing is not possible
  • Proper hygine and regular hand-washing
  • Leaving the flag-stick in on all greens
  • Lift, smooth, and place within 1 scorecard within bunkers

COVID protocols and policies will be reviewed and updated throughout the season

Your Responsibilities

  • Screen yourself and take your temperature prior to attending an event
  • Always carry an appropriate mask
  • If you do not feel well, STAY HOME!
  • If you have knowing been exposed to COVID-19, STAY HOME!
  • Wash your hands, utilize hand sanitizer, and practice good personal hygiene
  • Remain >6′ away from others that are not in your immediate household
  • When unable to social distance, wear a mask (this includes in a golf cart)
  • Wear a mask within the clubhouse, while speaking with the Tour Director, and checking in


  • Golf Cart usage (single-rider, double-rider, and single-rider upcharges) are at the sole discretion of the hosting venue
  • Golfers should come prepared to wear a mask which aligns with CDC guidelines and prepare to wear it when carts are shared
  • Golfers have the ability to walk, if they desire*
    • *the entry fee for most events will include the price of a cart and no reductions will be provided for walkers

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