Event / League Structure

Event / League Structure

The sections below will walk you through what to expect from how events work and how the full league functions

Event Structure

General guidelines on how the RDUgolf Tour events are structured


  • Single day
  • 1 field utilizing weighted handicaps
  • Individual Stroke-play
  • 1 Blind-Pairing Best Ball event


  • Scoring will be completed 2 ways:

  • Electronically

  • Via the Amateur Golf app by Blue Golf
  • 1 member of the group will enter scores into the app for all members of their group
  • This will be used for in-event Live Leaderboards
  • For Amateur Golf app tutorial videos, please see the “Live Scoring App” page

  • Manually

  • 1 member of the group will record gross scores manually via provided hard card


Tie Breakers 

Ties will be determined by Scorecard playoff

Gross scores comparing hole-by-hole by scorecard handicap, beginning with #1 handicap hole.
If still tied, flip a coin

Tee Boxes

Tee Boxes will be selected by the Tour Director based on distance, slope, rating, and the field to optimize competition and Pace of Play.
Tee box selection will be finalized the Monday prior to each event

  • Main field (+-19.9 hdcps): Tee boxes listed above
  • 20+ HDCPS*: 1 tee box forward of the main field
  • Seniors (55 and up)*: 1 tee box up from the main field
  • Super Seniors (65 and up)**: 1 tee box up from the Seniors
  • Ladies may choose:
  • The tees which Women’s Course Rating most closely matches Main fields course rating
  • The same tee box as the rest of the field 
  • Approval for forward tees under other circumstances may be granted by the Tour Director
  • Send your request and justification to RDUgolfTour@rdugolftour.com

    * Golfers may elect to play the same box as the main field. Pre-approval by the Tour Director is required
    ** Golfers may elect to play the same box as the Seniors. Pre-approval by the Tour Director is required

Waitlist Protocols

If an event sells out, golfers will be placed on the event waitlist when registering via BlueGolf.com

Golfers will NOT be charged anything until they are moved from the Waitlist to the main field of golfers

As spots become available, Tour Director will be will reach out to the waitlist individually to fill the spots*.
If a reasonable amount of time has passed with no response, the next person will be contacted

MAJOR/Private Club EVENTS: Priority of waitlist promotions will be as follows:
1. Golfers that have competed in at least 1 regular season event
2. Golfers that are registered for other regular-season events
3. All other golfers*

The members of the waitlist will be contacted on the Monday prior to the event and will be informed of their order

* The tour director may reserve the right to skip members of the waitlist if the golfer appears to only be leveraging the league for private or discounted rounds

Weather Policy

During instances of inclement weather the final decision is at the discretion of the course.
The Tour Director will provide their input where / when applicable

In the event of delays, golfers should remain on property or in their vehicles until a decision is made on play. Decisions will be made in-person or via email

If an event has to be shortened to a 9-hole event for any reason, this will constitute a full event

If the course offers rainchecks or the event is rescheduled, no refunds will be granted

Cancelation / Refund Policy

Full refunds, less cancellation fee, are accepted until 1 week before the event date

NO refunds will be provided for cancellations within 36 hours of the event

Refunds after the cancellation deadline and before the 36 hour cutoff, will only occur if the golfers spot is filled by a member of the waitlist. If your spot is unable to be filled, no refund will be granted.

Cancellation fees:
Cancelation fees are listed by event in the Events page

Late  Cancellations:
Late cancellation is considered within 24 hours of an event

Late Cancellation Penalties:
An immediate 1-event suspension.
Multiple instances are subject to expulsion from the Tours

Suspensions and removal from the league:
50% refunds will be provided for any future events a golfer is registered after they have been suspended or removed from the league


Optional Games

While cash prizes are not provided, there will be two optional cash games: Skins & CTP

Buy-ins will ONLY take place virtually via Venmo or PayPal.
Payments must be made by midnight the night before the event
Cash will NOT be accepted.

Payouts will be made via Venmo within 48 hours of the event

$10 buy-in
Using GROSS scores, not handicapped scores
Lowest, unique, score on a hole across the group, of golfers that opted in, will win a skin.
The Skins Pot will be divided by the number of skins won, and distributed after the event

Closest to the Pin (CTP)
$5 buy-in
2 par-3’s will be chosen for Closet to the Pin
The ball must come to rest ON the green
The pot will be equally split between the 2 winners

Tee Times

All events are straight tee times, unless specifically denoted

Tee times will be emailed out no later than 24 hours prior to the event, and will also be available on BlueGolf.com

Pairing Requests:

There will be a window to submit requests the week of each event (Mon-Wed).
Requests are not guaranteed, but we will be our best to facilitate

Practice Rounds

Practice Rounds availability is subject to course availability and access

These rounds are ONLY for golfers in the main field of the event

If practice rounds are available, the Tour Director will email rates, times, and booking information.

If golfers are found to be in abuse of the practice rounds or inviting outsiders using our discounts, disciplinary actions may be up to, and including, suspension or expulsion from the league.


Prizes are awarded to, but not limited to, 1st place Net and 1st place Gross

Prizes are listed under the overviews of the Select Tour and the Weekday Tour


General guidelines on how the RDUgolf Tour events are structured


For Weekday and Ad-hoc events golfers may use an official AND unofficial handicaps
Select Series events will require a registered GHIN#

To obtain a handicap, see the “handicapping  “Handicapping” page


  • Do NOT guess your handicap, utilize one of the free services
  • Handicaps not housed in GHIN or The Grint are required to email an update prior to each event
    • Any handicap not provided or update in the above window, will be entered as scratch (0)
  • All handicaps will be reviewed throughout the season to identify scoring inconsistencies

Weighted Handicapping:

To factor the Pace of Play rules adjustments (Triple Max, white stakes played as lateral hazards, etc), handicaps are scaled by the likelihood of a handicap grouping leveraging the PoP rules adjustments

HDCP Percent of HDCP Used
<5 100%
5.01-10 93%
10.01-15 86%
15.01-20 79%
20.01-25 72%
25.01-30 65%
30.01-35 58%
35+ 51%

Handicap weighting will be reviewed through the season to assure appropriateness

Handicap Adjustments:

Golfers which shoot -3 or more in relation to their Course Handicap in back to back events, their handicap will be manually adjusted to reflect the Inconsistencies in scoring.
The Tour Director, in counsel with the Director of Player Experience will review handicap inconsistencies and may leverage manual handicap adjustments or generate a manually calculated handicap based on prior event results

League Structure

General guidelines on how the RDUgolf Tour League is structured

Points System

A Season-Long Points Leaderboard will be kept for each event series.

Points will be assessed by placement in event and determined by event type.
See below for Points breakdown

Season Long Points Leaderboard

The Season Long Leaderboard will be used to distributed point based on the final placements within league events.

A separate Net and Gross leaderboard will be kept throughout the season:
Net Leaderboard will determine qualifying for the Tour Championship
Gross Leaderboard will influence the invitee list for the Tour Ryder Cup event

The Select Series and Weekday Series will have different points structures and can be found of the Overview pages of each series.

Golfers what withdraw mid-round will receive half of the minimum points distribution (standard events: 15 points, Major events: 30 points)

Tour Championship

Each event series will have a Tour Championship.
Specific Championship information can be found under the league info

Ways to qualify:

Win the prior season Tour Championship
Win a 2023 event (1st place, Net)
Remaining spots will be filled based on Net Leaderboard Points Standings


If a qualifying golfer is unable to participate, the forfeited spot will go to the next golfer on the seasons leaderboard

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