Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to participate?

An official or unofficial handicap, 18+, and no professional status
We anticipate having single digit handicappers to 20+ handicaps, so all are welcome.

How do I join?

There are no league fees, so as long as you’re over 18 and don’t have a pro status, you’re a member of the Tour! Congrats!
Subscribe to the newsletter and keep an eye on registration dates to get into events

Are there cash prizes?

To keep event costs lower and dissuade golfers only focused on money, we will only have tangible prizes.

BUT there are optional cash games to enter at each event to make this interesting (Skins & CTP)

If I'm on the waitlist and cancel, am I charged a cancelation fee?

Your card is NOT charged at any time while you’re on the waitlist and no cancelation fee is attached to canceling when not in the main field.

When a golfer is moved from the waitlist to the Main Field, their card on file will be charged at that time and cancelation fees are enforced.

What if I can’t make it to every event?

No problem at all.
You only register for events you can play, so register for as few or as many as you want.
But the more you play, the higher you can climb on the leaderboard

Why is the Tour using weighted handicaps?

Weighted handicapping is used to offset the extra strokes gained by golfers from the Pace of Play rules adjustments (triple max, white stakes played as lateral hazards, etc.)
As a golfers handicap gets higher, the likelihood of benefitting from the PoP adjustments, so they will receive a portion of their handicap
Full handicap weighting can be found on the “Event / League Structure” page

How does the Waitlist work if an event is sold out?

Look at the “Waitlist Policy on the “Event / League Structure” page

Your card will NOT be charged until you moved from the waitlist to the full roster.

What days are events?

Exclusively on the weekends
(Saturdays or Sundays)

Can I be paired with my friend?

There will be a window to submit pairing request (Monday-Wednesday) of the event week.
Not all requests are guaranteed, but we will do our best to facilitate.

Note: The Blind-Pairing Best Ball will not have any guarentees of pairings

Can I help with anything?

If you have any specific skills, knowledge, or course connections, please reach out to

Is there a league or membership fee?

In an effort to get more people enjoy competitive golf, the only fees are the individual event fees.

I don’t have an official handicap, can I still join?

Yup. There are plenty of resources to get a free handicap.
Please see the “Handicapping” section of the website

What if I don’t know anyone?

Not a problem.
We will pair you with a with similar skill level and ages.

What is ever average handicap or score for events?

In 2021, the average gross score was 91. Scores ranged from 68-125.

The average handicap was 12.
Ranging from +3-35

Can I get a refund?

For Cancelation / Refund policies see the “Event / League Structure” portion of the website.

For Weather related refund policies “Event / League Structure” portion of the website

Are Range Finders and GPS's allowed

Range Finders and GPS ARE allowed, but only without the usage of Slope.

I have never played competitive golf before, is that fine?

We have golfers of every skill level and plenty of first timers as well as people that haven’t played competitively years

Why do major events and private courses require playing in at least 1 other event?

This is to reward golfers that are committed to the league.
Private courses and Major venues will be the most popular events. The Tour is not here to only provide access to exclusive courses or provide heavy discounts

If I show up late, can I be added to a later tee time?

Late arrival policies are listed in the “Rules” section of the website

I only care about winning and nothing else. If this for me?<br />

Our main priority is enjoying golf and the community. Playing good golf is always great, but enjoy the people around you and the course.
I can direct you to winning-focused leagues if you would like

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