Pace of Play Suggestions

We all know that slow-golf is the biggest killer of enjoyment on the course.

There are plenty of things that can lead to slow-play and it is both the individual players responsibility AS WELL as the responsibility of the group to be aware and keep pace with the group in front of you

Specific on RDUgolf Tour’s Pace of Play policy, procedures, and penalties are available in the “Rules” portion of the website

Below are general tips to help golfers play more efficient golf:

Main causes of slow play

  • Golfers being generally unaware
  • Not playing ready-golf
  • Not reading putts or prepping shots until it is your turn
  • Excessively pre-shot routines
  • Telling long stories on tee-boxes when you should be hitting the ball
  • Over complicating green reading
  • Arriving at the course last minute and unprepared
  • Bringing the wrong club
  • Waiting on the away player to hit first
  • Course design
  • Course management / tee-time intervals

General tips


  • Arrive at the course with ample time to unload your car, pay, and get to the tee box
  • Get to the course early enough to pay and get to the tee box on time
  • Set reasonable expectations; we’re not on the tour, so play accordingly
    • Ready Golf is, whatever player is ready to hit their ball, hits their ball. This will save a LOT of pointless standing around
  • Keep pace with the group IN FRONT of you, not behind
  • Be self aware and assess yourself in a group. Don’t assume other people are the issue; assess if you are the slow-player
  • If your partner is playing slow, kindly inform them
  • Don’t be afraid to pick up your ball and move on. (we’ve all had those holes..)
  • Create a REASONABLE pre-shot routine. It is best to have a set routine for consistency, but do so within reason
  • Watch your shots until the land, and what your partners shots
  • Don’t wait until it’s your turn to plan your shots


  • Pull your club and get ready as other are hitting
  • Do we really need “honors” anymore? Whoever is at the box first, just hit the ball
  • Have your tees and an extra ball to avoid going back to the cart
  • Chatting is always fine on a course, but know when to pause your long-winded story
  • Watch your tee-shot and watch your partners shots to help find any stray balls


  • While others in your group are hitting, have your club in your hand and shot planned out
  • The away player doesn’t have to hit first. Play Ready Golf
  • Get your shot distance while others are hitting
  • Unless your ball is DIRECTLY in someone’s line, go to your ball and start prepping your shot
  • Going for par-5 in 2: be realistic with yourself


  • Unsure if you’re on the green? Bring wedge options and your putter
  • Don’t wait until it’s your turn to look at your line. Find your line while others are prepping their putts
  • Place extra clubs between the pin and your cart or wherever you will exit the green
  • The away person doesn’t HAVE to putt first. Play ready golf
  • Set reasonable expectation; you’re likely not making that 30 footer. Don’t grind too hard
  • Shorten your pre-shot routine. Do you need to walk and crouch from every angle to miss that 3 footer?
  • Consider putting with the pin in
  • If a group is backed up on the tee-box ahead of you, do NOT play slow. This will have impacts of anyone behind you. Finish your hole, and wait at the next tee if needed
  • Do not tally your score on the green, go to the next tee-box
  • Fix ball marks! (this isn’t PoP related, but still, keep courses nice)

Tips for walkers

  • If you are unable to walk at a pace that doesn’t impede on others, consider riding
  • Walk directly to your ball and prepare your shot, unless it is directly in someone’s line
  • Start getting your distances as you’re approaching your ball
  • Between shots, don’t go out of your way to walk directly next to your partners. You can speak from a small distance
  • Place your bag on the side of the green nearest the next tee-box

Tips for Paired Riders:

  • Drop one person off at their ball, then go to your ball
  • Start walking toward the cart after you hit
  • Take multiple clubs when being dropped off at the ball
  • Begin planning your shot immediately

Tips for Solo Riders:

  • You should have the easiest job, so don’t ruin it!
  • Go directly to your ball unless it is directly in harms way
  • Drive ahead and help others search for their ball if needed

Tips for Riders during “cart path only:

  • Split the difference between balls when parking the cart
  • Bring multiple clubs EVERY time
  • Possibly take your bag if you don’t know a distance or are in a bad situation that may lead to multiple shots
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