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True Blue

The prefect kick-off for a Myrtle weekend!


True Blue is a Mike Strantz design and everyone knows his reputation!
Prepare for visual intimidation, unique sight-lines, and being forced to trust your swing!

It is truly an experience!

Important Dates:

Wednesday by Midnight:
– Pairing request deadline

Friday by Midnight:
– Skins & CTP payment cutoff

– 1:15 PM – First Tee Time (starting on #` & #10)

Important Notes:

Notes from the course:

  • Starting on holes 10

Notes from the Director:

  • Looking forward to having fun with everyone!

Local Rules:

  • ALL sand is played as GENERAL AREA


    Optional Cash Games:

    Optional games are cashless and done via Venmo and payments must be submitted by midnight before the event
    Skins: $10 Buy-In (Using Gross scoring)

    CTP: $5 Buy-In (2 holes per event)

    Venmo: @RDUgolfTour

    If sent using “Goods & Services”, add 1.9%+$0.10 for fees. ($15.40 total)

    Full details can be found at:

    Tee Times:

    Tee Times will be released no less than 24 hours prior to the event.
    This will include a  unique Check-In code for the Amateur Golf App by BlueGolf


    (Submitted via the button at the top of this page)
    Pairing Requests: May be requested until Wednesday @ midnight
    Walking Requests: May be requested until Wednesday @ midnight
    Teebox Requests: Seniors (55+ and >20 handicaps) may request to play the Main fields tee box


    Full Rules can be found here

    • NO GIMMIE PUTTS: unless picking up for a triple
    • Range finders / GPS: Allowed without slope functionality
    • USGA Rules
    • Local Rules

    Pace of Play Amendments:

    • Max Score: Triple Bogey
    • White Stakes (OB): Played as required Lateral Hazard. Drop at entry point for 1-stroke penalty; 2 club lengths
    • Lost Ball: 1.5 Minute search time. Lateral drop on your line for 1-stroke
    • One Brand / Version Rule: The One Ball/Brand rule is NOT in effect
    • Pace of Play Penalties: In round and Retroactive Pace of Play penalties will occur based on gapping behind the group in front of yours


    The Select Series requires an active GHIN# and will be updated for all golfers Wednesday evening or Thursday morning

    Weighted Handicapping:

    Weighted handicapping is explained on this page:

    Scoring Process:

    Tutorials and links to the Live Scoring app here

    Golfers MUST download the Amateur Golf by BlueGolf app.
    Scoring will occur in 2 ways: Digitally & Physically

    One golfer will enter the groups scores via the Amateur Golf app by BlueGolf. This will enable the Live Leaderboard

    One golfer will record the groups scores on a provided physical scorecard. This will also include FW’s hit and GIR for the group 

    Check- In Process:

    Check-in will be done 2 ways: Digitally & Physically

    A unique check-in code for the Amateur Golf app will be provided along with finalized tee times. This code can be used to check in on the app up to 24 hours before the event

    Meet the Tour Director at the Check-In location specified above at your specified Check-In time.

    If you are more than 5 minutes late to your Check-In time, you will receive a 1 stroke penalty

    Contact Info:

    Email: RDUgolfTour@gmail.com

    Phone: (919) 219-8868

    Instagram: @RDUgolfTour


    2022 Winners

    Net: Jonathan Citty

    Gross: Jeff Bartley

    Tour Champion – Net: Cortland Larned

    Tour Champion – Gross: John Gagliano


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