The RDUgolf Tour

A Triangle Golf Community


Since 2020

What We Are //

We look to blend a group outing with competitive golf.
A home for people looking to expand their golf network, experience new courses, dip their toes into the competitive world, or get back to their playing days!

Events are every 2-4 weeks between March & October and ONLY occur on weekends
Hosted at public and private courses in / around the Triangle (and an occasional away trip!

To make the league accessible, we have NO LEAGUE FEE and event fees are near, or less than, the standard price of a tee time

To keep things fun through the season, we give event prizes to Net AND Gross winners, and have a Season-Long Points Leaderboard to qualify for the Tour Championship in October

How to Join

The RDUgolf Tour has no official membership and League Fee.

Most events are open to the general public*, so keep an eye on registration dates and hop into what you want to play!

Requirements to play

We like to keep it simple, so there are only a few requirements

  • – Be an amateur golfer
  • – Be over 18
    – Have a handicap (official or unofficial)
    – Be a generally enjoyable person
    – Don’t be a slow player 

I have questions, what do I do?

Check out the FAQ’s section, or always feel comfortable to reach out:


Who We Are //


Tour Director //


Craig Walton //

Finding a love for the game in his final years at ECU, he couldn’t get enough.
After moving back to his homeland of Raleigh, he hosted numerous ad-hoc outings in 2020 through the RDUgolf subreddit, and found that there was a local need for golfers expand their network, explore new courses, and to have a place to test their competitive abilities in an environment that wasn’t intimidating or breaks the bank.

Having a love for bringing new experiences to people, the RDUgolf Tour was born!

The Players Panel

This select group of trusted, active RDUgolf Tour members will represent different skill levels within the Tour to assure any changes or decisions are fair, inclusive, and useful for participants and keep the league enjoyable for all.

The Players Panel will assist the Tour Director on multiple matters including, but not limited to:
Rule changes, tee-box selection, disciplinary actions, and future planning.

George White

George, plain and simple loves golf!
Whether it is watching players on tour, talking about a shot he had weeks ago, or understanding the science of the game, he loves it.

Starting playing as a teen and having ups and downs in the game, he always came back.
During his time at East Carolina University, he began to develop his game to a confident level and started enjoying competitive golf!

Pairing both the desire to grow his own game as well as help others in the golf community along the way, George is an incredible advocate for the game as well as the RDUgolf Tour

George is well versed in all things golf, on and off the course, and has hosted group outings in the past and will provide a great perspective from the mid-handicapper viewpoint; although in 2021 he may break into the low-handicapper category

John Gagliano

John has a slight obsession with golf; playing at minimum 5 days a week, while still maintaining his full-time job. In 2020, John and his wife relocated from Maine to North Carolina to escape the cold and play more golf. In his first year in the south, he did exactly that; playing 143 rounds!

Growing up in Maine, golf was tough, considering the shortened 6-8 month golf season. But John still found success and played for the University of Southern Maine for four years and was a captain of the team. After graduating, John wanted to continue his golf journey and become certified as a club pro and passed the PAT (Players Ability Test); being 1 of only 2 in the class of 30 to pass. Shortly after, he realized he wanted to enjoy the game instead of make a living off of it.

With Johns playing pedigree and years of competitive golf, he will provide a great view from the event perspective as well as the low handicap side of the spectrum. His careful consideration of the competitive edge and enjoying the game will become valuable to this panel

Joe Maugeri

Joe began playing golf as a kid, but had only played sporadically up until recently. Having lived in New Jersey and Michigan, the shortened seasons made playing more difficult and the main purpose of golf for Joe was to spend time outside, travel to new places, and meet new people.

After moving back to North Carolina, Joe started taking his game more seriously without losing his passion for the things that, in his opinion, make golf great; the people and the places.

The RDUgolf Tour has provided Joe the opportunity to grow his game in a competitive, yet laid back, atmosphere while getting to play some of the most challenging and interesting courses in the area.

With a passion for golf, deep understanding of the game, and main focus of the game is enjoyment, community and being outdoors, Joes contributions to the Players Panel from the view of a “game improvement” category will assure that the RDUgolf Tour remains inclusive to ALL golfers and keeps the higher handicappers pushing for improvement while still having a great time!

We Can’t Wait to Meet You!

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