Cutter Creek Match Play Invitational, 5/15/2021

A new format for RDUgolf Tour: MATCH PLAY!

16 golfers, 4 9-hole matches, and some of the best golf weather we’ve seen all year!

Cutter Creek played host to this all-day event and could not have been more perfect.
The 6,439 (71.3, 133) brown tee box provided multiple risk/reward holes, corners to cut, bunkers to carry and undulating greens. The course demanded ball-striking, timely decisions, and execution through all 36 holes!

Todays final match came down to the final hole
A reachable par-5 which requires a quality drive and a lengthy approach over a lake to a tiered green, or a layup to the left and a shorter approach into the green

At All Square, Les Aliff’s approach came to rest at the back side of a large green-side hill. Jacob Van Leeuwen’s approach found water, but 2nd attempt was on solid ground; this was immediately followed by a quality wedge to ~6’.
Under pressure, with the gallery, Les hit a chip which hit the flag-stick and came to rest 3’ from the hole. Sinking the birdie putt, Les goes home with the flawless record of 4-0 as well as a trophy and $380!

Congratulations to Les Aliff for finishing strong and thank you to Les and Jacob for putting on a GREAT show for the gallery along the 18th green!

1. Les Aliff (W, W, W, W)
2. Jacob Van Leeuwen (W, W, W, L)
3. Dermot McElhennon (W, W, L, W)
4. Jackson Shearer (W, W, L, L)

T-5. Sean Webb (L, W, W, W)
T-5. Scott Tarcy (W, L, W, W)
T-7. Evan Atherton (W, L, W, L)
T-7. Craig Walton (L, W, W, L)
T-9. Tyler Fowler (L, W, L, W)
T-9. Faheem Amod (L, W, L, W)
T-11. John Gagliano (W, L, L, L)
T-11. Michael Lee (W, L, L, L)

13. George White (L, L, W, W)
14. Mark Taylor (L, L, L, W)
15. Tom Parrish (L, L, L, W)
16. Phil Arana (L, L, L, L)

But wait, there’s more!

During lunch, the Rapsodo Long-Drive competition was close with Sean Webb’s 292-yard drive being edged out by 2 yards with Jacob Van Leeuwen clocking in at 294!

Congrats to Jacob and Sean for winning some money today!

After this event, Match Play events are officially on the table because of how enjoyable the this turned out.
And a HUGE thank you to Cutter Creek and Mike Wesko (Head Professional) for being so welcoming and accommodating for this event! Cutter is a truly fantastic place to experience, and play!

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