The RDUgolf Tour


Since 2020

What We Are //

We are a golf community focused on central North Carolina and specifically the Triangle.

Founded by Craig Walton in 2020 as relocators flocked to NC and golfers were searching for new partners to play 18, there was a need for a community and an outlet for our game. There were a few key missions the RDUgolf Tour began with:
– Introduce golfers to new courses in Central NC
– Help golfers find new playing partners
– Provide golfers with new experiences
– Support and appreciate the local golf industry

2020 started with a few ad-hoc outings sourced from a local subreddit.
Then 2021 introduced the official RDUgolf Tour; a full 12 event season across central NC to allow the weekend warriors to try their hand at competitive golf and meet other players in an accepting environment.
2022 continued grew exponentially while hosting 18 events, 245 different golfers and inspiring leagues in multiple cities.

Moving into the future, the RDUgolf Tour looks to be your guide to to all things golf in Central NC!


Board of Directors



Craig Walton //

Founding the RDUgolf Tour in 2020, Craig has grown this community and will remain at the helm.

With a passion for bringing golfers together and support the local community and golf industry, Craig looks forward to continuing to build a home for all golfers

We Can’t Wait to Meet You!