With that, our inaugural regular-season is complete.
The final step: the Tour Championship!

Full scores and placements can be found here

To finish off the season with the test, we took on the Tips at River Ridge.
Some forced carries and longer par-4’s but the incredibly unique land features made the course incredibly playable

River Ridge features endless amounts of natural elevation changes, rolling fairways, and larger greens with significant tiers.
I equate RR as one of the most fascinating pieces of land for any public course on the Raleigh side of the RDU area!

With one last chance to get points to qualify for the Tour Championship, some golfers came fully prepared to throw down.

Being just outside outside of the cutline by a few spots, todays Net-winner showed up ready:
Tom Parrish.

Starting the round with a birdie on #1 set the stage and finishing with another bird on 18, Tom did what he had to do and was the only golfer under par (Net)

Congratulations to Tom Parrish on his win!
Anyone that has gotten to play with Tom can attest, he is one of the most enjoyable partners on the course; down to earth, knowledge of golf, and ALWAYS ready with a one-liner!

He has now officially qualified for the Tour Championship at Talamore in October!

  • 1st – Net: Tom Parrish (-1, 71)
  • 2nd – Net: Greg Garner (+1, 73)
    • Won in a scorecard playoff; tied with TJ Mancuso and Jacob Van Leeuwen

And going back-to-back Gross wins:

  • 1st – Gross: Jacob Van Leeuwen (+4, 76)
    • Won in a scorecard playoff; tied with John Gagliano
The front-9 is a roller coaster

Optional Games

The Skins and CTP pots were $280 and $130, respectively

  • Hole 2 (163 yds): Justin Teseniar
  • Hole 17 (190 yds, played as 165): Dave Mills

Skins were expensive Saturday, with only 2 won.
But there were 5 would-be Skins

375yd Par-4, Hole 1: Tom Parrish 398yd Par-4, Hole 5: John Gagliano

the 5 “would-be” skins, if they had joined to pot:
Scott Beamer: Hole 3. 432, par-4
Greg Garner: Hole 6. 523, par-5
Garrett Hudson: Hole 7. 395, par-4
Chris Teseniar: Hole 9. 180, par-3
John Walkowski: Hole 14. 410, par-4

Congrats to the CTP and Skins winners.

Course stats from the round:

  • Scoring Average (Gross): 91.6
  • Average Handicap: 10.96
  • Hardest Hole: #16 (Par 4, 483 yards): 1.55 over par
  • Easiest Hole: #18 (Par 5, 473 yards): 0.62 over par. Yielding 7 Birdies
  • Eagles: 1
  • Birdies: 33
  • Pars: 233
  • Bogeys: 302
  • Doubles: 171

Noteworthy events:

  • Scott Beamer: his first-ever hole-out eagle
    • Hole 3, 432 par-4. 210 out of the left rough, into the hole
  • John Carosso: Stepped on a copperhead on #18
  • Jonathan Citty: teed off with a wedge on #4, 549 par-5, to the front tee box, to avoid the 220yd forced carry
    • He had a good look at par after this

Next up:

Official invites will be sent to the top 32 golfers that qualified by winning events or placement in the points standings

Season Points Leaderboard

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