Select Series Events: Require a GHIN Handicap
Weekday Series Events: Accept official or unofficial* handicaps


Weighted handicapping is fully explained under the Handicapping section of the “Event / League Structure” portion of the website

Do NOT guess your handicap; make sure to utilize one of the services below

*For handicaps not on GHIN or The Grint, golfers will be required to provide a screenshot of an updated handicap the week of each event
If a golfer does not provide handicap updates by Wednesday at 11:59 PM before the event, they will be entered as 0 and will not receive any strokes in the competition


Official Handicaps


Highly suggested:
Join the Carolinas eClub through the Carolina Golf Association.

$39 annually. You will receive an official GHIN#, stats tracking, access to CGA events, quarterly publications, and member deals


Unofficial Handicap

(Via APP)

Numerous free golf apps are available which will allow you to track your handicap estimation.

These apps will require 5 rounds to generate a handicap

Suggested apps:

  • The Grint
  • 18 Birdies
  • Diablo Golf
  • many others..

Unofficial Handicap

(Manual Calculation)

An unofficial handicap can also be calculated manually via numerous different online calculators.

These will require:

  • Minimum of 5 scores
  • USGA Course Rating (found on scorecard)
  • USGA Course Slope (found on scorecard)
  • 18-hole score
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