Rules Used

To keep the league fair and fun, a standard set of rule have been adopted to assure all golfers are playing under the same guidelines, and not the standards of their loose weekend group

Rules are consistent across all events:
– Weekday Series
– Select Series
– Ad-hoc events


Official USGA Rules

USGA Rules can be found here:
USGA Rulebook 

Local Course Rules

Rules provided directly from the course unique to their venue

Pace of Play Amendments

Specific rule adjustments to better facilitate a fluid pace of play

Pace of Play Amendments

Pace of play (PoP) is the #1 largest annoyances in the golfing world and we have made rule amendments to help hedge this off.

PoP is not only an individual issue, it is a group and field issue; if one player is slow, it impacts all golfers behind them. Communication with your golf partners will be paramount and thus all PoP penalties will be treated on a by-group basis

Rules Amendments

Max Score:
Triple Bogey

White Stakes (Out of Bounds):
To be played as a required Lateral Hazard. Golfers are NOT permitted to hit from within white stakes

Searching for a ball:
1.5 minute max search time. Drop to be played as a required Lateral Hazard based on most reasonable spot of landing

Ball Brand / Version:

The One Ball rule is NOT in effect

Range Finders & GPS:
These technologies ARE allowed, but are NOT permitted to utilizes slope functionality

In Round Pace of Play Penalties

In-round warnings can be assessed / distributed by the Tour Director, or anyone representing the RDUgolf Tour in an official manner;
this includes Starters, Marshalls, and designated volunteers

  • 1st warning:
    • No penalty, a verbal / text warning will be given
  • 2nd warning:
    • Group is asked to pick up their balls and move to the next tee immediately
    • Max score assessed
  • 3rd warning:
    • The group will be disqualified from the event
      • *50% refunds will be provided for registered events for golfers suspended for events or removed from the league

Expected Pace of Play

Rounds should be targeted at 4 hours 20 minutes*
This should allow for ample time for golfers of all skill levels to complete a round competitively

*Some courses may require different PoP

Retroactive Pace of Play Penalties

Penalty strokes will be assessed to all members of a group which cause a delay to other golfers by finishing with a significant gap between them and the group in front of them, when the round is longer than the stated Average PoP (4:20)

  • 15-24 minutes behind the group in front: 1 stroke assessed
  • 25-34 minutes behind the group in front: 2 strokes assessed
  • 35-44 minutes behind the group in front: 3 strokes assessed
  • 45+ behind the group in front: Disqualification

Finishing times and gapping will be assessed via the final hole score posting on the Amateur Golf app and the manual scorecard time

Repeat offenders of in-round or retroactive PoP penalties may be assessed suspensions or removal from the Tour, at the discretion of the Players Panel.

* 50% refunds will be provided for registered events for golfers suspended for events or removed from the league

Pace of Play Concerns

If there are PoP concerns within your group, our first actions should be to communicate and reminder players of the PoP amendments and policies, and should encourage them to play more efficiently.

As a second step, golfers may inform the Tour Director via text if there are PoP concerns within their group.

If the player is determined to be the sole cause of pace issues within the group, penalties may be applied to that player and rescinded from the others.  This will ne at the behest of the Tour Director and Players Panel, when needed

All informing communications must be received by the completion of the 12th hole, to be considered

Arrival / Check-In

Specific arrival / check-in instructions will be email be emailed out with the finalized tee-times on Thursday or Friday before the event

Up to 24 hours prior to the event, golfers may check in on the Amateur Golf app using their unique check-in code provided in the Finalized Tee Time email

Physical Check-in time is based on the time provided in the Finalized Tee Time email;


An event check-in location will be designated by the Tour Director.

Golfers must be at the check-in location 15 minutes prior to their tee time

Late Arrivals

Golfers that arrive at check-in more than 5 minutes after their specified Check-In time will be considered late.
A 1-stroke penalty is assessed to golfers arriving more than 5 minutes late to Check-In

Golfers arriving after their tee time, they will be assessed the max score for each hole they miss.

Multiple instances may be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including suspension

No-Shows, Late Cancelation & Withdrawals

Due to the commitment of the RDUgolf Tour to the course, withdraws and no-shows are handled very seriously

No shows are rude to the course, the Tour, the other competitors and wastes a spot that someone on the Waitlist could have taken.
Do NOT be that person!

Registered golfers which fail to attend the event will forfeit their registration fee and will be immediately subject to disciplinary actions

No-Show Penalties:

    • Removal from all remaining Tour events*
      * 50% refunds will be provided for registered events for golfers suspended for events or removed from the league

Late Cancelations (within 24 hours of event):
Like No shows, canceling the within 24 hours of an events start time is rude to the course, the Tour and all golfers on the waitlist, as it is unlikely that the spot will be able to be filled last minute, wasting an opportunity for someone else to complete

Late Cancelation Penalties:
An immediate 1-event suspension

Withdrawing mid-round:
Golfers that withdraw for any reason during a round will receive a max score on each hole not played.
Season-Long Leaderboard points will be distributed at half the rate of minimum points. (Standard events: 15 points, Major events: 30 points)

Cart, walking, caddies, & Spectators  Policies

Every venue and every event is different, but let these serve as a general guideline of our policies.

Finalized event information will be provided before each event

Cart & Walking Policy

Carts are included in all events unless specified otherwise stated

All course rules for carts must be followed.


Walking will be permitted at certain events where Pace of Play will not be impacted

Pre-approval by the Tour Director is required

Requests to walk must be submitting by midnight on Wednesday before the event.
Golfers found to be driving slow play by walking will lose their ability to walk in future events

*No reduction in price or discounts will be given for golfers that opt to walk

Caddy & Spectator Policy

Caddies and outside advice are NOT allowed at RDUgolf Tour events
2 strokes will be assessed for receiving and/or giving advice (consistent with USGA rule 10.2.a)

Spectators may be allowed at certain venues.
Golfers must request approval from the Tour Director prior to event

It is the golfers responsibility to request approval from the Tour Director, and if approval is not provide and unknown guest are on the property, they will be asked to leave.

Spectator are NOT permitted to provide advice or information on shots*

*2 strokes will be assessed for receiving and/or giving advice (consistent with USGA rule 10.2.a)

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