And just like that, the inaugural season has come to a close!
A Tour Champion has been determined and will be crowned at the Season-Ending party at Brookfields on Friday, October 22nd .

Full Event Scores and Placements can be found here

Full League Points and Standings can be found here

Finishing with a bang, Talamore Golf Resort was a fantastic host!

A course with everything right in front of you, rewards execution, and has greens that are DANGEROUS unless your below the hole

The 32 qualifying golfers were treated to the first true Fall day of the year, with a 20-degree difference from Sat to Sun.
Golfers were also treated to a tee-gift on behalf of the RDUgolf Tour to show our appreciation for those that have joined us in the 2021 season!
A customized valuables bag filled with various goodies awaited each golfer.

First and foremost, introducing the 2021 RDUgolf Tour LEAGUE CHAMPION:


3,120 Leaderboard Points, 1 Net win, 9 Gross wins, 15 Skins, 1 CTP, Gross scoring avg. of 73.1, 70% FWs hit, and 69% GIRs hit (nice)

More about John and his winning season will come in the next newsletter, after he receives the League trophy on Friday at the End-of-Season party!

On to the winner of todays Championship event:

The man that plays more golf than anyone I have ever met, studied the course, set his goals, and executed!

Taking him the W at the 2021 Tour Championship:

Scott Tarcy!

Most notably, Tarcy jumped up the leaderboard with a hole-out Eagle on hole 11. 96 yards, into the cup.
He followed that by winning CTP on the Par-3 13th and rolling in the birdie

Congratulations to Scott Tarcy on his event win in both Net AND Gross!

  • 1st – Net: Tom Parrish (E, 71)
  • 2nd – Net: Scott Beamer (+3, 74)

Also taking the Gross win:

  • 1st – Gross: Scott Tarcy (+2, 73)

Optional Games

The Skins and CTP pots were $180 and $90, respectively

  • Hole 5 (153 yds): Craig Walton
  • Hole 13 (150 yds): Scott Tarcy

Skins were popular today, with 9 won:

Hole 6: Trent Menzer
Hole 7 & 14: Scott Beamer
Hole 9: Tyler Fowler
Hole 10: Patrick Young
Hole 11 & 13: Scott Tarcy
Hole 15: Craig Walton
Hole 17: Chris Champagne

Congrats to the CTP and Skins winners.

Course stats from the round:

  • Scoring Average (Gross): 88
  • Average Handicap: 9.86
  • Hardest Hole: #18 (Par 4, 483 yards): 1.31 over par
  • Easiest Hole: #6 & 17: both played 0.56 over par
  • Eagles: 1
  • Birdies: 23
  • Pars: 183
  • Bogeys: 222
  • Doubles: 94

Next up:
The End-of-Season Party on Friday, Oct 22nd

Sign-up here by end of day Wednesday

Crowning the 2021 Champion, 2022 League & Course Announcements, Live Music, Food, contests, and prizes

Group 1.
J. Olsen, A. O’Connell, J. Shearer, J. Maugeri
Group 3
TJ Mancuso, S. Beamer, D. Mills, P. Young
Group 5
M. Silvestri, W. Bethune, T. Parrish, M. Herring
Group 7
D. Smith, C. Champagne, J. Van Leeuwen, S. Vandermeer
Group 2.
JR Premo, M. Walton, K. Killory, S. Tarcy
Group 4
C. Norton, T. Walsh, P. Sinclair, J. Taylor
Group 6
J. Carosso, J. Citty, S. Khot, L. Aliff, E. Arnolds
Group 8
T. Menzer, T. Fowler, C. Walton, J. Gagliano