Knights Play 2.26.22

2022 has begun and the preseason Par-3 Challenge inducted a lot of new people to the RDUgolf Tour, and we couldn’t be happier!

With significantly warmer temps than our 2021 event, 60 golfers competed in this unique outing.

Irons and short game were fully on display with gusty winds as the grounds crews opted to give us the furthest tee-boxes on most holes.

But we were up for the challenge!

Todays Winners!

Gross winner:
John was also the 2021 winner

Hole 7: Scott VanderMeer (8’11”)
Hole 17: Matt Herring (4’11”)

1 & 9: J. Bettenhausen
4: Luke Barbour
7: S. VanderMeer
10: C. Walton
11: M. Kane
14: TJ Mancuso
16: T. Menzer
17. M. Herring
18: A. Jochum

Todays Stats

  • Scoring Average (Gross): asdf
  • Field Size: 60
  • Avg Handicap: 13.74
  • Hardest Hole: 18 (165). avg 1.61 over par
  • Easiest Hole: 13 (102 yds). avg 0.76 over par
  • Birdies: 60
  • Pars: 294
  • Bogeys: 401
  • Doubles: 209
  • Maxes: we don’t talk about those
  • AVG GIR: 27%

Special Thanks!

A special thanks for Ryan Mitchell from Links Life golf for joining us.


Links Life is a Triangle-based golf apparel company that recently became a Local Partner of the Tour 


Next up:

MacGregor Downs Country Club
Sunday, March 13th
1pm start


Next Registration:

Wed April 20th
Longleaf, Bentwinds, Devils Ridge, Riverwood

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