Match Play 7.23-24.22

24 golfers, 3 fields, 2 AMAZING courses, some rain, an ACE and one hell of a time!

Firstly, “thank you”s!
This would not have been possible without these fantastic people:

Logan King: Our gracious host at CCNC
Martha Hudson: Our liaison at Tobacco Road
Andy Pessango from @ChasingFowlPhotography: Sick photography at TR
Billy Richards of @Carolina_Pines_Golf: Gorgeous drone photography at CCNC


RDUgolf Tour history was made!
Greg Garner
Tobacco Road – Hole 17
Gap Wedge – 124 yards
Greg Garner becomes the first person in RDUgolf Tour history to record an ACE during an event.
And we could not be any happier that it happened
to one of the most genuinely great people we know!

Congratulations to the weekends winners:

Saturday Bracket (9-15 hdcps)
Jonathan Cityy

The Saturday bracket had the potential to be an absolute bloodbath!
4 golfers which are incredibly steady and whose games have been rapidly improving, and they did not disappoint.

Jonathan Citty is not a flashy golfer, but he knows his game and is disciplined enough to stay within his abilities and will patiently shoot his handicap on the regular.
That is what took him to victory on the Saturday Bracket!

Sunday Bracket (16-25 hdcps)
Joe Maugeri & Thomas Walsh

Well… this didn’t end as anticipated, but it ended amicably.
Due to Thunder, we were called off of the course; while the main field was under a comfort station on-course, the Sunday Bracket returned to the club house and were not able to continue their round.

Joe and Thomas won their first matches, and while Joe was up 1 hole at the weather delay, they decided to split the winners pot.
These two RDUgolf OG’s are top quality people!


Main Bracket (<9 hdcps)
Jackson Shearer

Going 0-4, the winless Jackson took home the coveted toilet bowl trophy with good spirits!
Unfortunately, we are still aware of how many beers the toilet can hold

Evan Boyer

In a net event, giving up an incredibly amount of strokes through the weekend, Evans consistency, process, and dedication to his craft lead to a perfect record.
Taking his final match to the final hole tied with Tim Washburn, Evan rolled in the final putt and like the true showman he is, exulted an emphatic “LETS GO”

Although Evan was “only here to practice for the upcoming USGA Mid Am event”, the RDUgolf Tour is proud to crown Evan Boyer as the 2022 Match Play Champion!

Also join me in congratulating Evan on his recent Club Champion win at Hope Valley Country Club.
Closing it out in the 1st hole of a playoff with a 40′ bomb of a putt, and released that same “LETS GO”!

Final Standings

Main Bracket:
1. Evan Boyer (4-0)
2. Tim Washburn (3-1)
3. Luke Barbour (3-1)
4. Patrick Creghan (2-2)
T5. Greg Garner (3-1)
T5. Craig Walton (3-1)
T5. John Gagliano (3-1)
T8. Clayton Trice (2-2)
T8. Sean Webb (2-2)
T8. Mike Lee (2-2)
T11. Eric Driver (1-3)
T11. Tyler Fowler (1-3)
13. Jonathan Bettenhausen (2-2)
14. Jacob Van Leeuwen (1-3)
15. Rich Schafer (1-3)
16. Jackson Shearer (0-4)


Saturday Bracket:
1. Jonathan Citty (2-0)
2. Matt Herring (1-1)
3. Chris Champagne (1-1)
4. Mike Todd (0-2)


Sunday Bracket:
T1. Joe Maugeri (1-1)
T1. Thomas Walsh (1-1)
T3. Logan King (0-1)
T3. Chris Moody (0-1)


Next up:

Mill Creek
August 27th

Ryder Cup Selections:

Invites will be sent on September 1st