Pine Hollow 9.10.22

Ending the 2022 regular season with some waterlogged conditions!

I can’t believe that the regular season is over.
Thank all of you for being a part of season #2!
We experienced a lot of new courses, and incredible amount of new faces, and a LOT more weather than 2021, but all of you made it worth it!

Getting to know the golfers and chatting with all of you at events, really is my highlight of the league!


As for today:
That was interesting!
Braving the elements, navigating tough greens, and greating a VERY unique memory; thank you all for that!


Congratulations to

S. Beamer took 1st NET with -4, 67!
Scott has won on the Gross side, but this is his first Net; He has been on the cusp of breaking through multiple times this season, and today was his day!


T. Chauypadit 1st Gross with Even, 71!!
via scorecard playoff with Scott Beamer

This is Tom’s first event with us, and is one hell of a way to make a splash!
Tom hits the ball a mile, but most importantly is a master on the greens, navigating the slopes and pace very well throughout the day

Todays Winners!

Net winners:
1. Scott Beamer (-4, 67)
2. David McDowell (-2, 69)*
* scorecard playoff with C. Champagne


Gross winners:
1. Tom Chauypradit (E, 71)*
2. Scott Beamer (E, 71)
* scorecard playoff with S. Beamer

Hole 5: Chris Champagne (5’5″)
Hole 13: Eric Wilson (10’9″)
Neither made their birdie putt

1: S. Beamer
5: A. Kelly
6. W. Carter
7. S. Vandermeer
9. S. Sterner
13: D. McDowell
14. S. Tarcy
15. A. O’Connell
17. T. Chuaypradit

Todays Stats

  • Scoring Average (Gross): 90.00
  • Field Size: 56
  • Avg Handicap: 11.44
  • Hardest Hole: 18 (Par-4, 387 yds) Avg 1.48 over par. Today had a sucker pin!
  • Easiest Hole: a 3-way tie – Holes 5, 10, & 13 with an Avg 0.8 over par
  • Eagles: 1
  • Birdies: 36
  • Pars: 288
  • Bogeys: 374
  • Doubles: 199

Next up:

Ryder Cup
Vs the Queen City Golf Tour
October 1st

Tour Championship

Sunday, October 23rd
@ Duke
36 spots
Net winners of past events with remaining spots based on the Net Leaderboard standings