After a brief break..
The RDUgolf Tour is back!

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Tour Update

RDUgolf Tour – Select

RDUgolf Tour – Weekday

RDUgolf Tour – Ad-Hoc

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Tour Update


In late October, it was announced that the RDUgolf Tour would be taking a hiatus for an undisclosed period of time.
This time was used to focus on personal lives, enjoy our own time, and assess how to best serve the golfers of the Triangle.

Today we are overwhelmingly excited to announce a new chapter of the RDUgolf Tour!

We are officially restructuring and forming 3 unique, yet intertwined portions!


RDUgolf Tour – Select

Introducing the Select Series!
A 6 event series of events geared toward more competitive golfers

This series will take place exclusively at private and noteworthy courses and hold events on Saturday or Sundays.

While all events will be open to the public, a limited amount of memberships will be sold to provide discounted rates and early registration.

This series will be ran by Craig Walton

RDUgolf Tour – Select

Introducing the Weekday Series!
A 9 event series of events for the weekday golfers of any skill level

This series will take place on Wednesday or Thursday at public and private courses around the Triangle

All events are open to the public with no handicap restrictions.

This series will be ran by Joe Steger with assistance from Jeff Bartley and Mike Todd

RDUgolf Tour – ad hoc

While the original RDUgolf Tour will not have a full 15 event season, it is reprioritizing to focus on community!

This ad-hoc series of events will include different format, different experiences, and be geared toward bringing all golfers together.

This may include, but is not limited to:
Ryder Cups, Match Play, Scrambles/Shambles, Best Balls and others

This series will be overseen by Craig Walton and events may be hosted by members within this community!

If you are interest in hosting an event in the 2nd half of 2023, please reach out to Craig Walton

Founder / President
Craig Walton

Craig will continue his roll overseeing all operations and forward guidance of the RDUgolf Tour, as well as run the Select Series of events

Vice President
Luke Barbour

Luke will join us as VP and provide general organizational guidance and provide significant commentary on the ad-hoc series of events

Director of Player Experience
John Gagliano

John will continue to support organizational guidance and drive improvements in golfer experiences and rule matters

Weekday Series Director
Joe Steger

Joe will be joining the board in the specific roll to manage and oversee the new RDUgolf Tour Weekday Series of events as well as provide general organizational guidance.

Joe will be supported by Jeff Bartley and Mike Todd